Book Review – Gone Girl

“There is a difference between really loving someone and loving the idea of her.” Gillian Flynn

This book was awesome. I had no idea what to expect going into it but I loved the story and the way it was written. To summarize, the book starts off with Nick, the husband, walking into his house to find his wife, Amy, is… well… gone. The first half of the book bounces back and forth between Nick’s current story and diary entries from Amy’s diary starting from when she met Nick and moving through their marriage. It shows the ups and downs of a struggling marriage from a woman’s perspective that seems to be spot on.
Then the book takes a turn…
I felt so torn reading this book but in the very best way. When reading the book and finding out that Nick is just another jerk-husband who has a girlfriend, you start to hate him. You are rooting for “poor-neglected-wife Amy” for the first half and asking yourself “Where is she?” and “Did Nick kill her?”
But then, the twist.
I loved it. The lies, the set-up, the perfectly calculated moves. But I still believed that I was rooting for Amy for a while… for a while. Then you start to see the crazy. She’s nuts and everyone around her sees her as normal, which is the scariest part. So now I am rooting for Nick – the husband who figured out his wife is crazy and got a girlfriend. (Side note: I do not think infidelity is ok. Like, ever. I’m just showing my feelings on how I felt while reading the book and who I was rooting for.) But now I want Nick to win. He’s being set up! He screwed up, but not enough to deserve death row!
And then, now that Amy is at the end of her rope, she reaches out to the one person who will keep her ‘safe’ and give her a place to live. (BTW, when we first meet Desi, the way he was being described, I can only see HIMYM’s Neil Patrick Harris so I was thrilled to see that he was the actual actor for that part. I like, never, nail it like that.) Desi could probably be considered just about as crazy as Amy so I see how they dated so long. Once he got crazy, I could see where this was going… Poor Desi 
I read this one out of order based on library reasons (it’s expensive to keep buying these books) so I am now punished with having to wait until October to watch it! I don’t want to wait that long! (stomps foot)
Sigh… Such is life, I guess.
I am excited about this one. I love the cast and just hope that it’s as true to form as possible. I’m a big believer that the closer a movie is to the book, the better and this one is no exception. Fingers crossed that Hollywood will do it this time!



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