Movie Review – Gone Girl

What are you thinking? How are you feeling? What have we done to each other? What will we do?” Nick Dunne, Gone Girl


This is a much delayed review but I feel obligated to do so. Simply put: this movie was fantastic. I have always taken the stand that says that books should not be defined by their movies, but if people want to do that with Gone Girl, go ahead. The movie is not only an amazing supplement to the book but incredible on it’s own.

The cast was perfect even though that was not my first reaction when I saw a few of the characters. I am going to brag on myself here a bit: I TOTALLY nailed the casting of Desi. I guess it may have come from me just having finished HIMYM but, even without seeing that it was him, I could only picture Neil Patrick Harris playing that character. I didn’t know who Rosamund Pike was before this movie and, honestly, when I first saw her, I didn’t like her for it. But let me tell you: this girl nailed the part. She is… well, without spoiling anything, she is everything she needs to be for that part.

Spoiler Alert

Where do I begin with spoilers… Rosamund Pike: you are both sweet and innocent and horribly messed up and creepy, sometimes at the exact same time. Ben Affleck – we go from loving you to hating you to just feeling bad for you throughout the story and you expressions fit the part wonderfully. (Totally unrelated sidenote – can’t wait for your version of Batman!)

The final bloody scene is even more messed up on screen than when we read it and it was shockingly gruesome and perfectly done all at the same time. Honestly, my favorite part about going to see this movie, with my husband no less, was listening to everyone else’s reactions to everything. I had read the book so I knew that the other shoe was about to drop and I watched the audience. I heard the reactions afterwards and you know the movie was done right when people are reacting to it the same way that they are reacting to the book. Those emotions of shock and no-longer-trusting-your-partner were familiar emotions that started with the book and were pouring out of the movie-goers as we left.


I would watch this movie again, preferably with someone who hasn’t read the book or seen the movie yet – just so I can experience that emotion with them all over again.



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