Book Review – Paper Towns

“The town was paper, but the memories were not.” John Green, Paper Towns


This book and me now have a very complicated relationship. I loved this book – I laughed and couldn’t put it down and thought it was just going to be the book I recommended to everyone and…. It’s not. I’m not spoiling anything yet but it’s not okay with me. The story is fascinating: you get to see revenge from an outsider’s viewpoint and then go on a mysterious search and have a time-crunch that leads to even more funny stories. It was hilarious to the point that I was waiting on my husband at the movie theater and had to pull it out and start reading it. I couldn’t put it down! It was funny and interesting and weird and believably unbelievable… Until the end…


So the book was all of the things I said and more. But the end definitely leaves something to be desired. You want him to find her and be the hero or even if she is dead you want him to find her and solve the mystery or… Really anything else. I didn’t feel like the friends got closure, I felt like Q kinda got closure but for what purpose? So he can go back home with an “I wished I hadn’t missed my high school graduation for that” story? I just didn’t understand what the whole point was. Such an amazing book to be closed with such an odd and uninspired ending.


I still recommend this book to be read but just know going in: the book is made to make you angry and keep you wanting more, especially when you’re done.

I am excited to watch the movie because I think the casting is pretty spot on. I’m very interested to see if the movie keeps the ending though.



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