Movie Review – ROOM

“You’re going to love it… What?.. The world.” -Brie Larson & Jacob Tremblay, ROOM 
Simply put, this movie was awesome. Very rarely is a movie audience able to experience more levels of a story on the big screen than they do in the book but this was one of those cases. Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay are both more than wonderful in their portrayals of Ma and Jack and have such an amazing chemistry both on and off the screen that you can’t help but believe that they were always meant to be the cutest non-romantic on screen duo ever.


There are many aspects of this movie that are identical to the movie, which I of course love, but there are also scenes that have more depth on screen than they do in the book. While there are some obvious differences in the movie, many of them are understandable and irrelevant. What’s amazing about this movie is the differences that actually added to the depth of the story.

The good and bad part of the book is that it’s written from Jack’s point of view. While this lets you understand Jack’s unique point of view, it doesn’t always let us see what Ma is thinking or feeling. The movie does that in some instances. While reading the part about the big escape, Jack kept saying that Ma made a “weird” or “odd” face, but, as the reader, I didn’t understand what that meant. While watching the movie though, it became abundantly clear that Ma did not think that she was going to get out alive. She was sending Jack to escape with every belief that he would be alone and Old Nick was going to come back and kill her. That is the greatest showing of motherly instinct I have ever witnessed. And it was beautiful.


Not all Oscar nominated movies are good in my opinion, but this one is spectacular. If you can, I recommend you watch the movie and/or read the book without watching a preview as some of them can spoil a big part of the story. I loved both the book and movie though and recommend highly that you experience both.



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