BOOK REVIEW : Me Before You

“You only get one life to live. It’s actually your duty to live it as fully as possible.” Jojo Moyes, Me Before You


I was waiting and waiting to read this book and I was NOT disappointed. It is not what I expected in many aspects but it was worth every second I spent reading it. It will make you smile, laugh, cry, get angry, and even make you think about some moral choices. The book is deep and sometimes tough because it is so real.


The hardest part about this book for me was struggling with the moral aspects of allowing someone in Will’s situation to go through with a suicide and having to be somewhat involved in that decision. I’m not trying to start a moral debate here but the book definitely makes you think about what you would do in a similar situation.

I thought the part of the book that caught me off guard the most was that she had a boyfriend through about 75% of the book. I just expected her (from the trailer mainly) to be a single girl who takes care of a guy in a wheelchair and they fall in love. But there was a whole added level when I learned about Patrick and how she didn’t necessarily love him but felt almost stuck with him for a while because that was just what she was supposed to do. It could really hit home for a lot of people who live their life how they are “supposed to” instead of really living their lives and exploring the world and finding themselves.


I already can see that there are some changes from the book to the movie but they might just make sense. Also, I am basically in LOVE with the casting of this film and can’t WAIT to see it. I’m sure I’m going to cry horribly.

I have tickets for 10:05 tonight so I will be posting the movie blog tomorrow!




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