Books and Movies Alone Don’t Tell the Whole Story

To me, this picture is beautiful but not just because of the reason you might think. My goal has never been to keep people from going to see a movie based on a book but instead to accept them as equal, yet both crucial, parts of the same story.

Let’s truly examine this picture: The movie section is simple and the book section is more extravagant and detailed. But without the movie, I wouldn’t see what is on the surface. I wouldn’t know about the tree or the well, I would have to make my own assumptions based on what I couldn’t see. That being said, without the book, I would just know that there was a well but not what was going on underneath.

So often we see this with book and movie transitions. I can know exactly what the main character is thinking but not necessarily what the others are thinking until I see their reaction or facial expression in the movie. One of the most notable times I saw this was in the book and movie Room. Because the story was told from a child’s point of view, there were many times in the book that he said “Ma made a weird face.” That didn’t translate to me until I saw the movie and found that “weird” to a child meant “longing” or “torn” to an adult. But since both parts of the story were done so well, I actually left the movie feeling like I learned more of the story than from just reading the book.

When I review a book to movie transition, I often look for changes because they can truly affect he overall story but I also understand that there are changes that are necessary and don’t change the overall story line and, in some cases, can actually enhance the story itself.

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