BOOK REVIEW : Miracles from Heaven

“Getting someone out of that hole takes a team: technical expertise, faith, love, and a lot of patience.” Christy Beam, Miracles from Heaven


This book is nothing short of inspiring. It’s a family-friendly, heartwarming story and the best part is that it’s about something that really happened! The author is the mother of the girl that the story is based around and she openly admits that this is all how she remembers it, not necessarily how everything happened exactly. The book is short and is primarily based around one major event so it’s a great, quick read by the pool this summer!


There were some heart-wrenching parts of this story, especially being a parent, that were hard to read but also helped drive the story and helped us understand the daily and ongoing pain that Anna was in. One part included her telling her mom that she wanted to die to just go be with Jesus. As a child who should only want to run around and play, it’s telling when a 10 year old doesn’t want to live anymore.

I did enjoy how the mom admitted to not believing right away. I’ve always wondered how I would react in a situation like this or like the one in Heaven is for Real. Would I believe my child blindly? Or would I be skeptical? (Let’s be real, I’d be WAY skeptical.) I really enjoyed and appreciated how much Christy talked about her skepticism and hesitancy to accept that her daughter was healed because the whole story was much more believable.


I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a “feel good” read. Is the book for kids? Probably not really, but the movie is sure to be a great for families. I am really excited to see Jennifer Garner as Christy in this book mainly because the trailer already made me tear up.

This movie is available to purchase on July 12th.


Age Recommendation: Pre-Teen+

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