MOVIE REVIEW : Miracles from Heaven

“A miracle is defined by something not explicable by natural laws.”-Christy Beam, Miracles from Heaven


I simply love Jennifer Gardner and I was excited to see her in a Christian-based movie since they often don’t get the big stars like other movies do. The previews made me cry and, not shockingly, so did the movie. As a mother myself, I couldn’t imagine going through what this family went through in trying to find answers when it seems like there are none. This story is great because it doesn’t show a perfect family but a family that struggled with their faith and understanding why God was doing what he was doing.


The movie really focused on different aspects than the book did. It showed more of the struggle with faith that the mother had and added some stories in that may or may not be actually true but definitely added to the story. It was incredible to see how hard the mom struggled but how strong the faith of an 8 year old remained in spite of her situation.

The scene with the tree and the fall was intense and heartbreaking to watch the mother struggle to help and not be able to do anything. I like how they handled the scene with her in heaven because it’s almost impossible to do that without some criticism since it’s not a “known” place.


It’s hard to do a strong Christian-based movie that does well and has good acting but this movie did it.It’s a great family movie and reminds us that it’s okay to fall, it’s just not okay to stay down.



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