TRAILER ALERT : A Series of Unfortunate Events

As I did last year with 11.22.63, I will be reviewing a series again this year and I could not be more ecstatic about it! (I wish I could take a trip to this world like I did for 11.22.63.) I read these books growing up and loved them and was sorely disappointed with the movie that was released. (It wasn’t even in order!) I am curious how many books the first season will cover as there are 13 books in the complete series.I would guess around 3-5 but that’s just my heart telling me. The fewer books they do in one season, the more seasons they can put out, which typically means more money.

This entire cast looks great, really. I am a huge fan of Neil Patrick Harris and think that this book series has deserved a better silver-screen depiction than what we were given years ago. Netflix has been putting out impressive series and I am looking forward to binge-watching all of these episodes.

A Series of Unfortunate Events releases all episodes on Netflix on January 13th, 2017.


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