SERIES REVIEW : A Series of Unfortunate Events (Season 1)

“In all honesty I prefer long-form television to the movies. It’s so much more convenient to consume entertainment from the comfort of your own home.” Count Olaf, A Series of Unfortunate Events (Season 1)


This series was what fans of the books wanted. Not only did we get an amazing Count Olaf, but the movement of the story finally felt right. It was very much like a Wes Anderson film with the dramatic color changes and camera angles, which, in my opinion, is how the books were made to feel. I loved the fact that we got Lemony Snicket to narrate the whole time, which is precisely what happens in the books as well. There was a lot that went on in this that was done so well that new and old fans of the series will be wanting more


What I loved most about this series is that there were so many lines that were taken directly from the books. A lot of those lines were missing in the original movie (which, by the way, I hated) but there were also little snippets that were added that didn’t change the story up such as the quote regarding long form television at the beginning of this post.

The biggest difference that readers of the books will see is the addition of the story of the Baudelaire children’s parents. In the books, we strictly follow the story of the children and we, as the readers, find out clues and about their parents’ past life as the children do. However, in the series, there is a second story that is told in the beginning and ending of the episodes that isn’t present in the first four books at all. The end of the series leaves us with a twist and wanting to continue the story and learn more.


I don’t know that I would actually change anything about this series. As a fan of the books, I think it was well done and had perfect comedic timing. Although I didn’t like the original movie, I enjoyed Jim Carrey as Count Olaf but Neil Patrick Harris takes it up another notch in my book. He shows he can be evil and hilarious – often in the same line – and isn’t afraid to go the extra mile, such as dressing up as a hilariously, hideous woman.

I am very much looking forward to the second (and third?) season of this show and hope that the team continues to stay true to the books and the story.


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