Reader on a Budget?

File Jun 27, 10 35 22 AM.jpegThere are a ton of ways to read books now and I don’t think that any of them are wrong. Also, there are more expensive ways and cheaper ways that many people don’t consider when trying to read.

Are even the cheapest books out of your budget? Trust me, I’ve been there. What many people don’t think about, especially Millennials and Gen Zs, (I’m a Millennial so don’t “Ok Boomer” me!) are checking out books at the library. The library is an amazing source of free materials! I even check out digital books and audio books that get downloaded straight to my phone without ever stepping in the library. Library cards are free to obtain and the digital sources are great since I can’t get late fees! (*Note: My library’s system automatically deletes my digital checkouts when they expire. Make sure your library does the same.)

My new favorite way to read books is on Scribd! It’s only $9 a month and it’s like Netflix for books! You can read or listen to as many books as you want! I’m seriously obsessed. And if you use this link you will get the first 2 MONTHS FREE!

I basically will read any way possible. I love listening to books on Audible, reading on my Kindle app on my phone, grabbing a physical copy, and even checking out books from the library. Now, I do best with Audible because I am a Gold Member and pay $14.95 a month and get any book I want with that credit, as well as additional discounts if I want to buy any others. I do this best because I’m a kinesthetic learner and have to be physically doing something while listening or watching anything, but it’s also great if you have a long commute to work or are going on a long trip. Also, I am signed up for the Audible email list so I get emails when they have sales, including books that go (so far) for as low as $3.95!

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If the listening is not for you, I’m also a huge fan of my Kindle app. I buy all of my books on Amazon and they are instantly in my phone and with me wherever I go: the doctor’s office, laying in bed, the pool, on a car ride, etc. I don’t enjoy taking the physical book with me because I don’t carry a purse often so it  makes it hard to remember. Also, there are many Kindle books that are $1 or even free during sales!

My husband, however, is a firm believer in turning the paper pages and that’s fine with me. In fact, there are many books that we own that I have on my phone and are physically sitting on our bookshelf. He feels accomplished and can see the progress he is making when reading a “real” book. To each his own, I guess.

Also, if you and some friends or family members are all bookworms, you can always buy different books and swap! If you love one you didn’t buy, you can always get it later.

No matter your method, Happy Reading!

Have any other cheap ways to read? Drop a comment below! And don’t forget to subscribe to get blogs straight to your email!

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