“He can’t have been in two places at once.” The Outsider

(Before reading this review, check out my book review and a preview for the series!)

As this is a series that’s coming out weekly, I’m just going to update the review as I go along so keep coming back for updates!

I have not been a huge fan of the Stephen King movie adaptations in the past so I was skeptical going into this one… but so far, I’m hooked. The pace is wonderful, the tone is haunting, and – even though I know the ending in the book – I want to watch more. I may regret those words later, but here’s hoping for the best!


Episode one is wonderful because it is fast paced and to the point. We get a bit of the back story on some of the characters but the episode is focused on the story. We get another side to the main detective’s story in that instead of his son being away at camp, he has passed away prior to all the events. I like this change because it explains the real motivation behind his choice to have Terry arrested in front of a ton of people at the baseball game rather than in private.

Episode two is where is starts getting creepy. We have a relatively graphic suicide attempt, intense music, and a lot of set up for some jump scenes. I love that they are still following the story of the book but adding in creepy music to help with the intensity.


So far, so good. I’d recommend this even if someone hasn’t read the book. It’s compelling and the acting is spot on.



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