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Jane Austen, Emma
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I don’t even know how to say this nicely so I’m just going to be blunt: don’t do it. I’ve had a few books lately that I’ve read that are just painful. The story may or may not be there but it is 2021 and I literally canNOT listen to older English writing.

Jane Austen is a well known writer and I’m sure her fortunes for her descendants are well secured with or without my purchase but this book just drags. She was from the UK and these books were written around the year 1800. Now just imagine that you are watching a movie based in that time. What does the language sound like? Then make it even more formal and you’ve got this book.

I’m here to save you and tell you that the world is full of amazing and interesting books so, unless you like the 1800 styles of writing, you should probably find a different one and stick to the TV show on Netflix or even the 1996 movie staring Gwyneth Paltrow. Either of those will probably tell you the same story and a tolerable pace.


2 responses to “BOOK REVIEW : Emma

  1. Aah! I’m so torn, want to like cause I appreciate you sharing your thoughts and everyone’s opinion is valid. But also don’t want the like to be taken as agreement 😬 so comment as well as a like, and you can delete the comment as you please: I fundamentally disagree with you!! 😀😀


    • I’m always happy to hear comments, even opposing ones! It was just sooooo slow for me, but obviously there are a lot of people who like the book to make it into a movie and a series! Thanks for commenting!🙂

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