How it Works

“No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.” –John Keating, Dead Poets Society

Before my first book review, I want to outline some guidelines that I plan on following for this blog:
1.I have not previously read the books.
2.I have not seen any of the movies.
3.I will write the book review before I watch the movie.
4.Each book and movie will be given a letter grade.
5.I will write the blog with non-spoilers at the top. It will say SPOILER ALERT for anything pertaining to the ending or outcome of the book. I don’t want this to ruin anything for anyone who wants to read it themselves.

These rules are subject to change by me, because I can.

I encourage feedback and welcome any and all comments. I also greatly encourage other people to read the book and/or watch the movie and let me know what they thing too!

Let’s get started!!

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