Too many books and not enough time to read them all?

You have GOT to try BookShout! Seriously, I am not getting paid to promote this, I just LOVE the app. They incorporate the technology of SPRITZ which helps you read twice, three times, even four times as fast as you do now! Go to the SPRITZ website now to try out the technology! The average reading speed is 220 WPM but with this technology I was able to comprehend and understand the text up to 700 WPM!

I am an avid eBook reader because I love the portability and convenience of having them with me where ever I go. BookShout is an app with tons of free books that you can read in half the time using the SPRITZ technology. I love this and am so excited to see how many books I can read tonight!

Get your BookShout app today for iPhone or Android.


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